DoXOlogy FAQs

Who will be present at Doxology? 

Anyone who is hungry for a life infused with God. We’ll have a good number of pastors, a good number of writers and musicians, a good number of Christians who care deeply about living with fidelity and hope amid a disorienting world.  


What if I’d really like to be at Doxology, but I can’t afford the registration?

Email and tell us your story. We’d like to see if we can help.

Will you be livestreaming or offer an online version of Doxology? 

Unfortunately, we won’t.

Where will we gather for Doxology?  

Our hub will be Pillar Church, but we’ll also take advantage of the Peterson Center’s home at Western Theological Seminary, just a block from Pillar Church. 


Where’s the closest airport?

Grand Rapids Airport is 45 minutes away. South Bend Airport is 1.5 hours away. Chicago and Detroit Airports are both roughly 2 .75 – 3 hours away. 


What about ground transportation? 

Uber and Lyft are often good for getting from Grand Rapids to Holland. However, the return trip is not always reliable. Rental cars and ridesharing will be the most dependable.


Where will I sleep? 

In addition to a number of VRBO and Airbnb properties in the area, we’ve secured group rates at the following properties:

Haworth Hotel (1 block away) 10 rooms set aside for $179.00. Expires on August 27, 2023. Use code 2301 WTSDOX.

City Flats (2 blocks away) 10  rooms set aside for $179.00. Expires August 29, 2023. Book using this link here.

Courtyard by Marriott (1 block away) 10 rooms set aside for $159.00. Expires August 29, 2023. Call 616.582.8500 and reference: Eugene Peterson Center block

Holiday Inn Express (8-10 mins away) 10 rooms set aside for $134.00. Expires on August 29, 2023. Call: 616.738.2800 and use name: Western Theological Seminary.


Will we eat? 

Definitely. Dinner on Monday evening will be provided. For all other meals, we have a number of delightful dining options in downtown Holland, walkable from our gathering.


May I cancel my reservation for a refund? 

Due to our limited size and our need to order food and book venues, cancellations by September 1, 2023 may receive a full refund.

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